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Upholstery Lesson – The Semi-Attached Cushion
August 30, 2011

I have a job coming up that has an ottoman with a semi-attached cushion. Seeing as how I ve never attempted a semi-attached cushion, I guess it’s high time I learned how. 🙂

The original ottoman was an upholstery carcass that was given me months ago and I hung on to it, figuring, it would come in handy someday… It turned out to be my lesson plan for “Reupholstering The Semi-Attached Cushion”!

Both fabrics were given to me by a neighbor who was cleaning out her fabric cache. The cushion is wonky because I used the original inner spring cushion, but overall I am pleased with the results.  It’s cute and peppy!

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Mademoiselle’s 5 piece sectional
August 24, 2011

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This is a custom reupholstery job for a client. The fun part of this job was shopping in the LA Garment District for the fabrics she needed to redo a sofa (by Dougitha Goodboy) and draperies ( by others). The original sectional sofa fabric was stretched and sun faded. We found a beautiful ultra-suede in the Garment district for $6.50 yd. What a deal! I had a tremendous learning curve on this project as ultra-suede is unforgiving to work with. Ultimately, Madam has a beautiful new ultra-suede sectional!

Little Miss Tuffit
August 17, 2011

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I have a big tufting project coming up next so I needed to learn how tuft. Once the top was completed, my tufting sample wasn’t very far away from becoming an ottoman. My lucky mom will now have a new ottoman for her living room.
The tufted top is built upon 3/4″ plywood attached to a 2×4 base. The fabric was a remnant from some pillows I made for my mom

Draperies fit for an Adobe!
August 5, 2011

I just finished up with my friend Richard’s bedroom drapes and they look beautiful!

The challenge was that the fabric had already been purchased and I was a little shy of the total yardage needed to create the look Richard wanted.  As they say on Project Runway… “Make It Work!”

I was able to maintain most of the pattern repeat within the gathering of the draperies.  I was a little shy on one side of each panel so the gathered tab just isn’t as full on that end.  I figured once hung, those edges can go to the outside of each rod and thereby camouflaging and ill-regularity.  I think it works.

The drapes were all machine stitched at the top and bottom and hand stitched closed on the sides.  The rings were provided by Richard and fit the existing wrought iron drapery rods.  I was lucky enough to find a beautiful satin to line the drapes with that you get a glimpse of in the little “scarves” at the top.  I did add 1/8″ “sausage casing” style weights in the bottom hems to give the drapery more weight.

I am very pleased with how they turned out and I hope Richard will be as well when they are hung in his beautiful adobe home!

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