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From Princess to Dowager Queen
December 13, 2011

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This little project has been about 6 months in the making. All the components have come together now and it has turned out lovely and better yet, the client is so pleased!
I was originally called by the client (the wife of my childhood scoutmaster) to help pull her “down-sized” bedroom together. Her husband had passed away the previous year and at 82, she wanted to switch to a double bed. Her bedroom set was beautiful but the large headboard was too big. So we began our discussions around a custom upholstered headboard. On a lark, I suggested a princess bed with a valance, a button tufted headboard and side drapes. She loved the idea! The client said she had always wanted a Princess Bed but at her age, she thought she might be more Dowager Queen.
And so the fun began!!!
We selected a lovely suite of fabrics to compliment her existing color scheme. Slate blue ultra suede, water color like linen with a damask pattern for the tie-backs, off white mate-lasse lined in cream satin for the bed throw & shams with a sweet seersucker stripe for the bed-skirt.
The fabrics were all from the Remnant Store here in Santa Barbara.
I made the button tufted headboard and I made the beautiful lattice Smocked Boudoir pillow.
Charlie Starbuck of Starbuck/Minikin fabricated and installed the beautiful valance and finished it to match the existing bedroom furniture.
As I simply do not have the room to make drapery and bedding so I had Todd Fairchild and his crew fabricate those items.
The last piece to be completed was the boudoir pillow. We had designed another pillow but it just wasn’t coming together. When visiting friends, I saw a beautiful lattice smocked pillow and it reminded me of a neck roll my Grandma Smith used to have. Right then, I knew I had to make a lattice smocked pillow for my client. The next step was to learn how to lattice smock! Fortunately, my Aunt Opie was only an email away. She told me that Lattice Smocking was a Reverse Smocking technique because the needle work is done on the back of the fabric. From there I was able to find several helpful patterns on the internet.
This project really helped me learn two different skills- Button Tufting and Smocking. Both techniques are already crossing over to my other designs. So much fun!!!