My date with a Dane

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This Danish Modern lounge chair and ottoman was a fun little job. The original wool tweed had worn through and the owners want it replaced. The whole cover is a tailored tube that you slip over the padded frame. Once adjusted correctly, then the tufting secures the cover in place.


3 Responses

  1. That’s a Great Dane! How did your wild and wonderful furniture do at the show you were preparing for?

    • Thanks.
      The show in Bakersfield went well. I sold one piece.
      I guess Bakersfield is a lot like Peoria 🙂

      I am currently trying to get the chairs into a couple of boutiques in the Palm Springs & Santa Monica.
      What I am beginning to understand is that the more unusual chair frames sell better. So I have throw out all the “perfectly useful but ordinary” chair frames that I had been collecting and now I only collect the more interesting frames to reupholster with my fabrics.
      Fortunately, it’s these small commissions that pay the bills and teach me the craft!!!

  2. You are amazing!!!!!

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