What is Dougitha GoodBoy…

Welcome to Dougitha GoodBoy!

My name is Doug… and I am a talented homosexual.

As a talented homosexual, I love to make beautiful things.  I can design and construct a lot of cool things from upholstered furniture to purses and clothing.  This blog is about documenting my process and to show-off my latest creations.

I got the draping gene and I’m not afraid to use it!  I love working with fabric, it’s my first love.  I have been blessed with many creative talents and my interests are currently (but not limited too): Fabric dying, upholstery, sewing, weaving, concrete work, raising chickens, construction & general household repair.

As you can see, my interests are varied and Life has brought me to a place of forming my own design business. With Dougitha GoodBoy, I move forward, creating beautifully designed and well constructed, handmade products.

The name Dougitha GoodBoy comes from my childhood; when being teased for being effeminate, one quick witted carpool mom spun the teasing around and proclaimed, “Dougitha GoodBoy!”.  She turned the name into a proclamation of virtue and the nic-name stuck through my teens, after all, I was (and still am) a Good Boy.  I also love the feminine and masculine aspects of Dougitha GoodBoy because I feel it represents the range of my talents; talents that are all seemingly either masculine and feminine all rolled up into one FABuLous Me!!!

It’s good to be a talented homosexual… now it’s time to make it pay!!!




6 Responses

  1. It is so Good to be a talented homosexual, but almost as good to know one! I get Both!

  2. Love your bio. : )

  3. Dougitha GoodAndOhSoTalentedBoy!! I’ve always loved who you are and I now I can’t wait to see what you make 🙂 Kudos on your new business!

  4. LOVE your work Dougitha Goodboy! It was a treat meeting both you and Perry in SMA. Sorry I didn’t get to see you again, before you left, but I’m betting the farm that you’ll be returning! I hope in the not too distant future.Checked out your house…FABULOUS!!!!! Promise to show you the “Gaudi” house when you return. Let’s get together again, and whomp up some yumminess! All the best to you and Perry, Joanna aka Kitchenclown

  5. Have had a mild obsession with the retro cowboy fabric and am DELIGHTED to see that it’s been put to good use… Apparently I’m missing the Homo gene, but I’m looking into one of those conversion groups that with prayer and commitment might be able to turn me. A girl can hope!

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