Stepping up my game!
January 27, 2012

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Introducing my 2 new work horses. The Juki DNU-1541 Walking foot sewing machine and Juki DDL-5550 Single Needle Lock stitch sewing machine.

I am in love with the lock stitch machine. It sews like a dream with power the power of a Harley. I sew like a grandma on it because it’s so fast. The dealer asked if I wanted the speed tuned down, I told him I will get used to it!

The Walking Foot machine still scares me. It’s like the butchest sewing machine I have ever seen. It sews leather, Vinyl and heavy fabric of all kinds. The needles are as think as nails.

With these 2 machines I have greatly improved my stitch quality, not to mention, the range of projects I can take on.

Dougitha Goodboy just stepped up his game!