Hello Kimmy
April 7, 2012

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Perry and I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico for a couple of weeks. I refurbished this Hello Kitty themed child’s chair as a thank you for our dear friend, Kim, who watched over our cherished animal family while we were away.
Kim and her father bought the chair frame as a project that ended up gathering dust. Last year, she gifted it to me knowing I would do something fun with it. Little did she know it would find its way back to her.
The frame itself was in perfect condition. It even included the wood spline for the new seat. A little wood cleaner and lemon oil and the frame was as good as new.
The cane seat was my education. Fortunately, it required a Pre-woven cane instead of being woven on the chair frame. It was as easy as replacing the screen on a screen door. The only difference is the cane goes on wet. I was a little nervous that the seat might not be tight enough but as the cane dried, it tightened up quite nice.
The Hello Kitty cushions were a nod the Kim’s granddaughter, Amerie Clair. It is a child’s chair, after all and I knew this would make a nice heirloom piece for Kim to pass on to her first born granddaughter.
Kimmy – Thank you my trusted friend, for taking such good care of our little family!